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The Economist December 17th - 23rd 2022
ผู้แต่ง : The Economist

• Ukraine has dominated our covers this year. Since Russia’s invasion in February, we have reported relentlessly on the war. Even so, this week is a first. In an unprecedented series of briefings that took place in Ukraine within the past fortnight, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, the head of the armed forces, General Valery Zaluzhny, and the head of the ground forces, General Oleksandr Syrsky, have given us their frank assessment of the critical months that lie ahead.

• Russia is massing a new army, General Zaluzhny told us, using mobilised men and weapons produced by industry retooled for the war effort. As soon as January, but more likely in the spring, it could launch a big counter-offensive from Donbas in the east, from the south or even from Belarus, a puppet state to the north of Ukraine. “The Russians are preparing some 200,000 fresh troops,” he declared. “I have no doubt they will have another go at Kyiv.”

• Our coverage this week sets out how Ukraine’s high command sees the war. Many world leaders think the fighting is heading for deadlock, and are contemplating how to arrive at peace talks. By contrast, Mr Zelensky makes the case that settling for peace now would only pave the way for more violence later. Generals Zaluzhny and Syrsky describe how they see the threat from Russia and how to counter it with the limited resources they command. Our cover editorial weighs up their arguments and sets out how the West should respond.

Zanny Minton Beddoes

สำนักพิมพ์ : The Economist
ปีที่พิมพ์ : 2022
จำนวนหน้า : 12
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